GDP-Weighted Epidemic Impact chart should be here

GDP-Weighted Epidemic Impact (GWEI) is the negative world-wide burden of the epidemic. Due to the interdependence of world economies, GMX believes this to be the key measure that needs to improve before the world economies can recover.

The GWEI is calculated for the 15 countries* with the largest Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the world using figures from the IMF**. The number of confirmed corona virus cases per day and deaths day for each country are weighted by the GDP of that country's GDP (country GDP/worldwide GDP). The lines are GDP-weighted rates that are smoothed first with a 7-point running linearly weighted average and secondly with a regular 3-point average. Developed by GMX Analytics.
*15 Countries: US, China, Japan, Germany, India, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Brazil, Canada, Russia, Korea, South, Spain, Australia, Mexico
**World Economic Outlook Database, October 2019. International Monetary Fund. 15 October 2019.